Friday, August 3, 2012

Gabby Douglas, The New Face Of Advertising

Gabby Douglas, the 16 year old Olympic Gold medalist is a marketers dream. Literally minutes after receiving her second gold medal for gymnastics she received an endorsement from Corn Flakes, with her picture on the box. Now when you think of athletes being on the cover of cereal boxes, normally one thinks of Wheaties, but this time Corn Flakes beat them to the punch desperately trying to market Gabby, and convince young people to start buying cereal that tastes about as good as the paper box that it comes in. I know I begged my folks to buy Wheaties when Jordan was on the box, but after half a bowl, I was like this shit is gross, but Wheaties already had their money, I was sold, which is exactly what Corn Flakes is wanting to do with Gabby, so kids will be begging their parents to buy Corn Flakes instead of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is my favorite cereal forget Corn Flakes, its bird food, you see the rooster on the box, but watch their sales go through the roof. It must feel good to be a marketing goldmine, imagine all the things you will see Gabby Douglas advertise and sponsor until the next Olympics? Get ready because you are about to see her face everywhere. You know Subway is going to want her to Eat Fresh. Neutrogena, perhaps washing her face or deodorant when her pits stink, Right Guard Olympic freshness, from candy bars to tampons she could sell them all, move over Jordan and Sheen, Gabby could be the new face of Hanes Her Way. The possibilities are literally endless, welcome to millionaires row Gabby you earned it!

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