Friday, August 10, 2012

The Big Island Of Hawaii Is A Must See! Go Now!

I wish I was back on the Big Island of Hawaii; it was a paradise with nice ocean breezes all day and 80 degrees both day and night all year round. Yea, you have to worry about a lava flow every once in a while but shit you have to worry about tornadoes and floods at my current home in Arkansas. Most people would rather go to Waikiki or Maui, with major cities, but I really enjoyed the rural atmosphere on the Big Island it felt like I was back home in Arkansas except it was 80 degrees in July and not 106 and the plants and flowers were so exotic and beautiful it made me feel like I was in the movie Avatar, man I wish I could live there, it was the coolest place I have ever been in my life. From the black sand beaches to swimming with giant turtles it truly seemed as if I was on another planet, which makes me appreciate the miracle of life on Earth. The Big Island is so special it has the most beautiful sand beaches ranging from light brown sand as fine a talcum powder, to coarse black sand, to even a rarer green sand beach! The island captivated me like no other place that I have ever been, the beaches were practically secluded and you had as much room as you wanted to lay out and bury yourself into the sand and just watch the ocean and all the beautiful women walk by and the birds were so rare and unique to just that island, to observe a bird that can only be found in Hawaii is something special, because Hawaii is just that special, with no snakes and predators, it is no wonder that customs is so strict and I do not blame them one bit, it is good that the state want s to preserve the natural beauty for future Americans and tourists a thousand years from now. The state parks are just awesome, throwing a Frisbee in the cool island breeze with a massive mountain, with its sharp jagged peaks is awe inspiring, the parks are just a real hotspot for tourists and locals alike , if lived there I would be on the beach or at a park everyday, who would ever want to blog or watch TV when you had the most beautiful scenery on the planet to observe mother earths matchless creations. Remember Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan? Captain Kirk’s baby mama the scientist, had created the Genesis Machine that could create life on a dead planet in just a few hours and when she showed Kirk her cave project with its lush vegetation and wildlife she says, “Can I cook or Can’t I?” That is how I feel about the Big Island of Hawaii. Also a great place to eat and drink great beer is the Big Island Brewhaus, which is the highest micro brewery above sea level in Hawaii, great salsa and beer man you will leave there with the “itus” guaranteed and if you want to eat the best sushi in your life you need to go to Roy’s, that place is the bomb, with tuna caught about 500 yards away, talk about fresh, and delicious. Man, I miss the Big Island of Hawaii!!

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