Thursday, August 9, 2012

US Women Kick ASS

US A Women prove again that they are the greatest at soccer in the world for the third straight Olympics! Today they beat Japan 2-1 to show the planet that American women are not just beautiful but they can kick some ass! Seriously, talk about a dynasty three Olympic gold medals going all the way back to the last time the Olympics was held in the United States (Atlanta, GA). At least the women can represent America in soccer because the men are complete rubbish on the field, that is why American men had to create their own sports to be good at like American football, and baseball , because they suck that bad at soccer. It is kind of sad, however if our countries greatest athletes grew up playing soccer like the rest of the planets greatest athletes then I truly believe that the USA would have the best team hands down, however it’s the girls day today, and tonight it will be ladies night out on the town of London, I bet Hope Solo and Carli Lloyd get down tonight. Japan’s women fought really hard and god knows that the country needs a boost in morale due to the tsunami and resulting flood of last year and the heartache that it caused not just in Japan but around the world. Those women are tough and they deserve respect, and a silver medal is something to be very proud of, but they just could not hang with the speed and power combo that the US women were playing with, I mean those women could seriously beat most men in a soccer match, it would not even be close, and I am a fair athlete and I can admit that those women would beat me in most competitive competitions, some men just cannot admit that, but I know better. It seems that the majority of America had tuned in to watch the game, even President Obama who gave updates during his speech, which is hilarious, I wish I could have heard those updates, “Yes we can, kick a little Japan Ass… Again Whoooooooo! America! Whooo!” I know it was nothing like that but the President is a competitor now, remember when he dropped Clark Kellogg off from the three point line? He is just a sports fan and I can dig that. Another question arises which American team has been the best, no one will ever be able to know for sure, it is exactly like the 92 Dream Team versus Team USA today, now I am personally biased to the Barcelona USA Team, however there is no doubt that the global competition has jumped leaps and bounds in basketball, but has it in soccer? It probably has but when the US women keep winning every four years it shows that we can keep up globally in something, in soccer at least, because it definitely is not math test scores. Oh! Education Burn on Stupid Americans! PS If you love to blog and want to make 100% commissions on the products advertised, click the link and watch the videos to start blogging your way to financial freedom.

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