Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pugs Kick Ass!

Pugs Are Awesome Dogs!

I used to own a fawn pug named Bandit he is dead now because he was a dumb shit and liked to take naps in the middle of the road and he got ran over, however he was a great dog and I highly recommend anyone to get a pug, but like any type of dog there are advantages and drawbacks and this article is about my pug bandit and I hope you get one, however they  do have their disadvantages. Bandit was a cool Pug, cooler than most pugs because he trained easily, which apparently pugs are horrible to train from what I have heard from other owners. Unless you have a biscuit in your hand they could give a shit about you. Pugs can learn to do all sorts of tricks except fetch, that is not their specialty if you want a dog to fetch then you probably should get a lab, but if you want a really kick ass dog then a pug is a the way to go. Bandit would sit on the couch like a human with his back up against the cushion for hours I have never seen a dog do that before or since, also pugs are surprisingly fast runners and high jumpers, if you leave a slice of pizza on the table do not be mad when you see your pug munching down your last piece of pizza, because it will happen for sure.

Pugs like to run around in circles a lot!

Bandit would get excited all the time and start running through the house and he would run into the walls periodically when he lost his footing, one time his eye popped out of socket a little bit and we had to take him to the vet,  because of their flat faces they are prone for their eyes to pop out , but he still was a kick ass dog even if he did have a droopy eye.  Seriously, if you can put up with a dog that sheds like crazy, then a pug is the way to go, they will fill your life with love and good times!

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