Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hoop Dreams and Realizations

Hello people of the world! Are you fed up with your job, are you sick of your manager telling you what to do, when and how to do it, when you can even take a pee? I know that you are but you cannot quit! I just sprained my ankle horribly playing basketball, Yes, I hoop, and tonight the basket was as big as the Pacific Ocean, I mean I was swishing everything, no one could guard me, it was one of those nights when I knew that if I pump faked the defender would jump and I would have an easy layup because my jumper had been falling all night. Do you know what I am describing? Do you remember the feeling of knowing that you are the best athlete on the court? An almost psychic ability to predict and determine what angle the defender will move to when you crossover the ball from your right hand to your left, and then you know that you have the defender when you spin with the ball in your left, to an open lane right to the hoop. Some of you have no idea what I am describing but imagine something that you excel in, an area that you’re better in than most people. You might be a shy introverted person normally, but when you are doing this one activity your entire personality and oomph change. You might start walking with a swagger or you might become even more humble than you usually are because you know that you are not better than this person but your knowledge of the subject far surpasses any of your peers at this moment. You find the Zone, or your “Happy Place” if you are a Happy Gilmore fan. I was in the Zone tonight, but I lost it when I sprained my ankle and now reality has set in that I have to get up and work a double tomorrow, I am a waiter by the way, an average one at best. I am trying to find my way in this world like all of us. Life has a funny way of showing you that you are human, when at times you feel that you are greater than. I do not know if that is God or Karma or both, but they exist and they reveal themselves at times when you are never looking but then at the times when you are desperately searching for them they cannot be found. It truly is strange and I cannot explain it except to say that life is strange. Life is always on the edge of death, you and I have to realize and visualize this and not hide in fear but embrace it. Embrace life and death because you sure cannot run from it. It is strange that I have to hurt myself badly to come to such clarity. I work a job that I despise as a means to an end, but I really cannot complain but sometimes I still do like Joe Walsh. Writing this blog has really calmed me, I truly believe that blogging or just writing your thoughts down will help you find a realization or at least a glimpse of a visualization representing a greater understanding of the world and your inner self. Some days I like to write about stupid shit but not today, because right now my heart feels like it is in my ankle. PS. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could write what truly is flowing through our subconscious? It could literally be anything and wouldn’t it be nice if we could find a way to be rewarded substantially for our constant thoughts put down on paper or typed in a blog? Well, this man has done just that and he is teaching me and thousands of other people simple marketing strategies to blog our way to financial freedom. So click or cut and paste this link. Read it and educate yourself and come to a realization that you have a voice that deserves to be heard or read. Do it for yourself, do it for your financial freedom. http://www.empowernetwork.com/blog/live-hangout-how-to-make-30000-monthly-from-people-who-actually-do/?id=kyle_graves http://www.empowernetwork.com/sellingtrick.php?id=kyle_graves

Does Jet Li Play For North Korea's Women's Soccer Team?

PUMA Ferrari Future Cat M1 ShoesNorth Korea is about to play the United States in Women's Soccer and the women just ran out onto the field and I saw a "Juwanna Man" on North Korea, what was that hanging down below her shorts; I do not think that it is chewing gum? Was that Jet Li? The match has begun and already the US is attacking North Korea, setting up a corner kick, denied by North Korea’s goalie. These women are stallions out there, and there goes Jet Li for North Korea, you can tell by the kick. I think I just saw Chris Tucker and DMX in the crowd, why would they be here at the game?? To cheer on the USA Women’s team or Jackie Chan and Jet Li… Sun Gun, the coach for North Korea is yelling something to his players out on the field, lets translate that into English real quick let’s see J-E-T—L-I. How can he be coaching and out on the field at the same time? The announcer is rubbing a chub out under the desk about Hope Solo, he just said that “Maybe, you will get the chance to see the whites of Hope Solo’s eyes.” I think he wants to see the pink of Hope Solo’s ……GOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!! PS. If you want to learn how you can blog and make some extra cash at the same time then click and follow this web address http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret.php?id=kyle_graves

Brazilian Babes Beat German Babes in Beach Volleyball!

Brazil vs. Germany beach volleyball now these women have talent and they are good at volleyball, I mean that they are total babes! Now this is the most entertaining female sport since I witnessed Bikini Basketball on Venice Beach in LA, while I was watching the American Ninja Warrior Trials last July. It is not that I am a male pig, but I love women, beaches, bikinis and volleyball and when you combine all of these elements, magic happens. Germany just won the second set after Brazil had 9 chances to win the match, talk about a comeback get ready for the third set it. Goller / Ludwig are so good at staying low and digging down deep. My brother just brought up a good comment about the giant blue streaks on Ludwig’s stomach, “Did Poppa Smurf bust a load on her stomach and ruin her for other smurfs?” “ What is this Brave heart on her stomach?” “Is she carrying poppa Smurfs baby, is this going to be Prometheus 2 : Smurfopolus?” Talita/ Maria for Brazil are beasts I bet they could pone many of the male boxers fighting right now in the Olympics. These two Brazilian babes look like they have been training with The Cyborg Santos out in the Amazon rainforests somewhere with Stephen Sagall and The Spider. Brazil just had their first match point in the third but Goller from Germany put a stop to it. Maria on the next German serve put a finesse touch on to her spike right over the head of Goller and Brazil just beat Germany 2 sets to 1. I don’t know about y’all but I will be tuning in to watch as much Women’s Volleyball both beach and on the court as I can and I highly recommend that you do as well! Until next blog post. PS. If you want to blog your way to financial freedom highlight this link and paste it into your browser and educate yourself. Just do it, Jump in! http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret.php?id=kyle_graves

Monday, July 30, 2012

Unjust Steroid Allegations for Ye Shiwen

Are The Chinese Steroid Allegations Just? Records are meant to be broken right? However, it seems that when the favorites do not come in first place the cheering recedes and the finger pointing begins. If Phelps or some other well know superstar breaks a record everyone expects it right and do not really question it, because they were suppose to win, but when an underdog from China wins , people start yelling, “ Its gotta be the roids!” It can’t be the hard work or training. Ye Shiwen, the 16 year old swimming super-star who no one expected to win or set a record during the 400 medley has received more harsh criticism than praise and it is wrong for her to receive such criticism on the most important achievement of her life. How come she swims so fast? Maybe, it’s her freakishly large man hands that help her part the waters so swiftly or those extra two toes on her left foot, it just cannot be from hard work and perseverance, right? P.S. Share my blog if you like it and click or cut and paste on this link to educate yourself on how you can blog your way financial freedom. YOur freedom starts now, http://www.empowernetwork.com/weirdmarketingtricks.php?id=kyle_graves

Olympic Boxing, Where Are the Knockouts?

I love the Olympic Games and today I have been watching Boxing for the past hour and I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed. Where are the knockouts? The announcers are trying to make it exciting with statements like, “What a Jab to the Head!” But with those 40 ounce gloves and those Nerf helmets that the boxers are wearing, I seriously doubt that you will see a knockout, much less a technical knockout. I just saw the young man from Nicaragua advance in the Light Heavyweight Division and after the fight he took off his “helmet” and he did not even have a scratch on him, what the hell? The water polo girls look more beat up after a match than these Olympic boxers, seriously those women are beasts! I was like is that Peyton Hillis out there in a one piece, I mean these females could literally pummel some of these boxers, I am not kidding. That is why I want to see Mix Gender Boxing next Olympic games down South in Rio 2016, “The Cyborg” Santos would murder that poor boy from Nicaragua.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Is There A God?

In the bible it says that God made people in his image. Then man invented machines to help us to fulfill the idea that we want the world to be made in our image, just like our creator wanted us to be in his. Throughout human history in particularly the 20th century, which might be the most important leap in human evolution, not physically but mentally, humans have created machines that they would control to help themselves. Just look at the 20th century and the leaps in technology that humans have made for thousands of years the best mode of transportation was on a horse and now we have spaceships that travel thousands of miles per hour around our planet. Now we live in the greatest period in human existence, a time when machines begin to dictate to us. For example, the miracle machine that I am using right now to write this blog - a computer. Now lets say that the computer is a GOD, kind of like in the Matrix, what kind of GOD is it? One we created, or maybe an OLD Testament god with many rules and no mercy. During the 1950's which might be the most influential decade of the 20th century, a lot of people would disagree and say the 60's, 70's, or 90's, but without the technology and social foundation established in the 1950's there would never have been the radical movements of the 60's, each decade is a building block for the next decade and generation. During this time our government started to really try and create computers. Now, everyone has seen these "Super Computers" of the 50's, they took up an entire warehouse and they probably did not have the processing power of a TI-83. From 1953-61 President Eisenhower was in charge of our nation and he did many great things that would lead a lasting impact on our great nation today, which is his legacy. He knew that these machines would impact human life greatly, he probably had no idea to how great the extent but he knew their importance. There is a story about President Eisenhower and how he entered the room where these first super computers were and he asked these machines a question, he said, " Is There a God?" Then all of the computers light up, wheels start turning , the machines start to rock and shake from all of the thinking going on , and after a while a computer voice responds, "Now there is." The powerful revelation to this is that God is everywhere in his work, including the computer. This miracle machine- the computer is helping everyone around the world, you might be reading this from another country on the other side of the planet. Not only is it helping to bridge the communication gap, which has enabled small businesses to thrive. I read an article recently that stated more people will become millionaire's this decade than ever before because of the advances in computer technology. Seriously, now it seems that everyone has their own personal desktop in their pockets. The super computers today are called "Smart Phones" and a lot of dumb people have them and do not realize the money making miracle power that they have in their hands. Your computer can help you transform your life into making your dreams a reality, by creating cash flow easily. Here at EMPOWER NETWORK , I am blogging my way to success and you can to, so join me and let's help each other capitalize by using this miracle machine to our advantage and live our dreams. Are you wanting the freedom of being able to do what you love and get paid? Follow the link and educate yourself on how to Blog your way to Financial Freedom. Copy and paste this link into your browser to find out how... http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret.php?id=kyle_graves KG