Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Writing Ideas Can Make You Wealthy

Writing Ideas can come to you randomly at any moment

You have to be ready when inspiration strikes you and take advantage because you might not be able to remember that great idea that came to you on the freeway and it is not like you can write it down, at that time, so invest in yourself and your future writing ideas. Buy a recorder, along with many small note pads, and wait for inspiration to strike, because it will when you least expect it.

What Writing Ideas Will Inspire You?

What do you like to do, write about it. What do you enjoy watching on TV? Sports, reality TV, news, movies, concerts, cooking, the areas are very broad and diverse. If you do not know exactly what you like to write about, try this. Write once a day about anything that seems interesting to you that day and after about two months of writing look at all of your topic ideas and search for a topic that might be the majority of your writing ideas, this could be the beginning of your writing focus and eventually if you keep it up, you could make money on your blogs that you wrote years ago. Millions of people read blogs everyday some of them are several years old, however if you have good writing ideas people will find you and your writings. How can you capitalize off of  your random writings? Well there are really only two ways to make money off of the internet and that is selling products or by advertising on your blog once it become popular and generates a lot of traffic. If you are new to blogging then it will be very hard to start generating traffic to your unknown blog. This was my problem, my blog was so new that Google Ads would not even except my request to join their affiliate program, so I started to  search the web for avenues on how I could make money off of my random writing ideas.

Writing Ideas Will Help You Find Yourself

I write everyday not because I want to but because I am compelled to do so. My life is finite and by the time you read this I might already be dead, Hell I am just keeping it real. Right now why I am alive I am wanting to make money with my writings, even if I do not make money I will keep writing, so I might as well start making money off of my writing ideas if that makes sense to you, the reader. I found the right program for me and I believe it to be the best on the internet today a blog that allow me to write about anything I please, and earn 100% commissions on products that are sold through my blog. People from around the world are blogging their way to financial freedom and so can you. If I can do it, then a high school student could start making serious money online and so could your grandmother. I joined the Empower Network and I started making money by doing 3 things.
  1. Blog Everyday, about anything that interests you!
  2. Tell People
  3. Stick with it
If you do these three things you will start to make money with your writing ideas. I have made money with the Empower Network and I know that you can as well. So Sign up for only 25$, that is cheap, you spend that on one dinner, so invest in yourself and you will not be sorry, this could change your life, you are either going to join or not, so get in and start blogging your way to financial freedom with me! KG

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