Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Michael Brown, A "Gentle Giant" or " Juvenile Thug" ?

Michael Brown A Gentle Giant or Juvenile Thug?

One thing is for sure and that is that Big Mike is dead. Whether or not Darren Wilson was attacked by Big Mike is still up in the air because Wilson has remained silent, but how does one get a broken orbital bone? Either Big Mike punched him or  some police officer like Denzel Washington in Training Day made him look like he was attacked.  Multiple questions still remain, but one big one is still bothering me, besides the obvious one how did he get a bullet in the top of his head, but why did he decide to steal those swisher cigarillos? That one bad decision led to a chain of events that cost him his life and a life time of suffering for his friends, family, and Darren Wilson. 

Michael Brown A Gentle Giant or Juvenile Thug? 

Personally I have been arrested 3 times, all alcohol related, I feel I may have a drinking problem, and when I saw the surveillance video of Big Mike stealing those cigars it took me back to my first petty crimes when I was 15 and all ready a regular drinker, I would walk into gas stations grab a few beers and run out. I did that regularly for two years and never got caught, I stopped because my buddy had a fake Id printing program on his computer and he printed me off a laminated Oklahoma ID which I used until I was 21. However, for the most part I feel that I was a good kid, I maintained a 3.0, I was on the basketball team, hell I even went to Sunday School.
The point I am trying to make is that Michael Brown might have been all these things as well, a decent young man who had made stupid mistakes, I can relate to this and Michael Brown, and I bet the vast majority of American men do as well. 

Michael Brown A Gentle Giant or Juvenile Thug?

However, though I have been arrested, I have always been taught to respect authority, especially Police officers. Two times in my life police officers have pointed their weapons in my face! The first, when I was a senior in high school and we were drinking and smoking in a public park after mid night. Police rolled up shined the spot light, we froze like deer, he came walking over to all of us with a flashlight in one hand and his gun in the other swinging it back and forth at all of us, I almost shit my pants. We had our hands in the air, I think I may have had a beer in one of mine, but we were compliant to everything he asked, he made us pour out all our beer and the police officer bounced. 

The second time a police officer pointed their weapon at me was a few years later when I was a raging 19 year old alcoholic.I was drunk and  crashed my vehicle into a fence, it just so happens that a police officer lived there. My vehicle high centered on the fence and I was trying to push it free. The police officer came outside in his underwear with a shot gun, cocked it and pointed it in my face. He barked at me to lie down, I complied, and I went to jail.  I knew I had done wrong and I am still ashamed. However, I did what he told me, like Eric Cartman, "I respected his authoritayy!" The point I am trying to make is that police just don't start blasting rounds off, for the most part...I am not saying that there is not any nasty, crooked ass cops out there but for the most part they are just doing their job, keeping the peace, which is hard to do. 

Tupac said "The penitentiaries are packed and they are filled with Blacks!" and Richard Pryor said " Thank God For Penitentiaries." I think Black men as a whole are having an identity crisis, it is so much easier for someone to blame someone else, than it is to turn that finger back to themselves for some critical analysis and self reflection on what they themselves could be doing better. 

It seems that the majority of Black American men are more concerned being "Black" than they are being American. Is it an image thing? FUCK THE POLICE COMING STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND! Both rappers ICE CUBE and T in real life are softer than Charmin toilet paper, who act as police officers on TV and in film, but yet their rapper personality is that of a thug, but I bet they do not shoot any body or have any body shot because they have too much to lose and it always comes back to respecting other people. Big Mike obviously had a problem respecting peoples authority. If that was him in the security video he obviously did not respect that store cashier who was in charge of that store and it made him look even worse, when  confronted Big Mike did not comply but became violent.  The exact same scenario possibly could have happened when Michael Brown was confronted by Darren Wilson later that day. When confronted by the store cashier if Mike would have given back the cigars, would  the cashier still  have called the police? Would Darren Wilson still have shot Mike? The point I am trying to make is every thought you make leads to an action, and your actions lead to reactions, so try to think right and you will do right. It all comes back to respect.

America simply wants to blame race, its all over the news.. again. Everybody is yelling and not saying anything, again, because this controlled chaos is what the news loves. Michael Brown has been on Google Trends for a week and with James Foley getting decapitated, hate, fear, and racism is all over the news, with just a pinch of Nicki Minaj's ass thrown in there to keep everybody glued to the "Boob Tube".  Wake UP America!