Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pugs Kick Ass!

Pugs Are Awesome Dogs!

I used to own a fawn pug named Bandit he is dead now because he was a dumb shit and liked to take naps in the middle of the road and he got ran over, however he was a great dog and I highly recommend anyone to get a pug, but like any type of dog there are advantages and drawbacks and this article is about my pug bandit and I hope you get one, however they  do have their disadvantages. Bandit was a cool Pug, cooler than most pugs because he trained easily, which apparently pugs are horrible to train from what I have heard from other owners. Unless you have a biscuit in your hand they could give a shit about you. Pugs can learn to do all sorts of tricks except fetch, that is not their specialty if you want a dog to fetch then you probably should get a lab, but if you want a really kick ass dog then a pug is a the way to go. Bandit would sit on the couch like a human with his back up against the cushion for hours I have never seen a dog do that before or since, also pugs are surprisingly fast runners and high jumpers, if you leave a slice of pizza on the table do not be mad when you see your pug munching down your last piece of pizza, because it will happen for sure.

Pugs like to run around in circles a lot!

Bandit would get excited all the time and start running through the house and he would run into the walls periodically when he lost his footing, one time his eye popped out of socket a little bit and we had to take him to the vet,  because of their flat faces they are prone for their eyes to pop out , but he still was a kick ass dog even if he did have a droopy eye.  Seriously, if you can put up with a dog that sheds like crazy, then a pug is the way to go, they will fill your life with love and good times!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Writing Ideas Can Make You Wealthy

Writing Ideas can come to you randomly at any moment

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What Writing Ideas Will Inspire You?

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Writing Ideas Will Help You Find Yourself

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Elvis's Legacy Will Last Forever

Elvis Presley’s Legacy Will Last Forever! “Before Elvis, there was nothing.” Famously quoted by John Lennon, talk about high praise, by one of rock n rolls legend praising, “The King.” Elvis will forever be linked to the foundations of rock and roll, combining black R & B, with gospel, soul, and country folk blues, Elvis is one of the pioneers in modern music and his platinum selling albums might hold records for as long as there are statisticians. The 1950’s was the beginning of a musical revolution and Elvis was at the epicenter, one could argue that the 50’s was the greatest decade of music in the 20th century with artists like Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, and Little Richard and that is just with Rock and Roll, when you consider all of the monumental jazz artists, like Dave Brubeck, Thelonious Monk, and Louis Armstrong, the fifties are solid. Everyone has an Elvis story, whether you met him sometime or where you were when he died he had a profound impact on your life. With me, Elvis is linked to my grandmother and I cannot think about Elvis without thinking fond memories of my dear grandmother who would play Elvis tapes and we would sing along with the records and she would coach me on how to dance, I probably was 6, but the memories stand out, I remember my grandmother’s older sister telling me a story of when Elvis came to Little Rock, and she met him and shock his hand and she said she was never going to wash her hand again and that stands out in my mind. For one man to have so much influence and power it truly is mind boggling, Elvis had so much power he brought a weapon in to the White House when he met Nixon, only Elvis could have done that. Back in the mid 90’s my grandparents took me to Memphis for the first time to see the Titanic exhibit and to go to Grace Land, it was one of the best experiences of my childhood it stands out in my mind as an epic adventure, and we all went to the Memphis Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. When we entered there was this old black man wearing a cape and I noticed that he had two much younger white women with him, it turned out that this man was none other than Ike Turner, I met Ike Turner, shook his hand got my picture taken with him and made the Memphis News because there was a news crew from a local station. Memphis just has so much American history both good and bad intertwined you can feel the vibe, an aura of the city, like it is alive, within a place like Memphis Elvis lives and he will continue to live for as long as Memphis is city, which possibly could exist for thousands of years, considering how old the original Memphis is in Egypt. Elvis could be the Ramses of New Memphis and the King’s legacy will live on in the embodiment of the cities living spirit. Imagine Ramses with Memphis, Egypt, that is what Elvis is to Memphis, Tennessee! KG

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Watch IT Today!

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, is one of my all time favorite movies! If you have not seen Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas you need to see it today, download it off the web or go rent a VHS or something but you have to see it today. It is about a reporter and his lawyer who go on a drug bender in Las Vegas and the movie is just incredibly awesome, it stars Johnny Depp as the reporter and Benicio Del Toro, as his lawyer, it was released in 1998 and to me is both actors best movie or my favorite movie of both actors. Each time I watch the movie I catch something that I did not notice before or a scene that I watch takes on a different meaning than it did five years ago when I watched it. I saw my VHS copy today and popped it into my VCR, which has gone the way of the Dinosaur, but none the less I have all these movies on VHS why buy them on Blu Ray until the Video tape unravels, besides Blu Ray High Definition literally hurts my eyes with its pure clarity, but any way the movie has started to evolve in my mind as I grow older and really grasp what is being described and the scene that grabbed my attention today is when the reporter realizes that he is in Las Vegas to write a story and he cannot do LSD all night with his lawyer, so after smoking out of a light bulb and meditating he sits down at his typewriter and writes about San Francisco in 1965 during “The Great Acid Wave” and the dance club called The Matrix and being a “Street Freak” he was right in the epicenter of the counter culture movement. He scores some LSD and is in the bathroom when he spills half of it on his shirt at the same time a young hippie comes, in who you might recognize from a popular band, he asks, “What’s the trouble”? The reporter informs the man that he has spilt LSD on his shirt and the hippie starts to lick it off of his shirt when a business man in a suit walks in shocked to see this occurring. The reporter recalls,”With a bit of luck his life was ruined forever.” The reporter starts to have “strange memories” pondering to himself has it been 5 years already since the “peak that will never come again, San Francisco in the middle 60’s was a very special place to be a part of…” and “ no explanation can….touch that sense of knowing that you were alive, in that corner of time in the world.” The reporter steps away from his typewriter and opens the curtains and stares out the window, “There was a universal sense that what we were doing was right, that we were winning, that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of all evil…We had all the momentum, we were riding the crest of a high beautiful wave, so now less than five years later you can go on top of a hill in Las Vegas and look west and with the right kind of eyes, you can almost see the high water mark that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.” This scene is so captivating because it made me start to ponder my life and what should I be doing with the little time I have on this planet to be alive. The reporter is dead now but he lived during the most radical time of change in American history, “ that corner of time in the world.” He left his fingerprint on the world, his stake in the ground that said, “I was here.” Even if all he did was get high and write about it, that is what he did and his words will live on forever, because he is linked to the time in which he lived. So my question is what will I be linked to, what will I do to be remembered, because it is not about money my friend, a rich man in Manhattan is made of flesh and bone just the same as the homeless man pissing himself right now on Mission Street in San Francisco and death for both of them is certain, you cannot take your gold with you. What do you want to work for? What do you want to live for? How do you want to be remembered? What are you going to do to achieve your goals? I will tell you this you cannot fear anything, fear of failure or fear of humiliation, because in the end it does not matter. Life is always on the edge of death, you cannot fear it, you cannot escape, you must embrace it and run with it and live life with love in your heart and a determination to make something of yourself and leave the world a better place, or at least a different place, make future generations envious of the corner of time in the world where you are living today, and in their envy they will be inspired to do the same.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

John Lennon Was A Dreamer, Are You?

John Lennon was a dreamer, are you? John Lennon followed his dreams and turned them into his reality, he did not just sit on his butt and wish he had, or thought man I should have done this or that or the other, no he just did it. So just do it, like Nike says. Lennon loved music and started a band, brought in George and Paul, but Lennon was the glue that brought them together, because he had a vision, he had a dream to become a legend and he accomplished that, and when he said The Beatles were bigger than Jesus, he was not kidding and he was telling the truth. So what are we going to do with the time that we have left on this planet, while the blood is still pumping through our veins and while are brains are still firing? How can we become John Lennon, not that I want to become a songwriter but maybe you do, so start writing, what are you waiting for, just do it. Phil Jackson, the legendary coach for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, once said “You are going to miss 100% of the shots that you do not take.” This quote is profound on many levels because when you first read it your like, “duh” yea that is common sense Phil, but truly think about it, what do you want to do with the short amount of time you have left on this planet, what makes you happy, what is your purpose, and if you think you do not have a purpose, then focus on what make you happy, how can you achieve your bliss, by finding bliss. However, if you never take a chance on your dreams then how do you expect to achieve them, how do you ever expect to find your bliss and nirvana if you never follow your heart in search of these truths? You have to act, you have to do, something. I cannot tell you what that is only you can find it within yourself. John Lennon was a dreamer, but after he dreamed he became a doer and that is where most people fail when it comes to their full potential, and I am no different, but today is the day that we all start the path to not just follow but to actually achieve our dreams. John Lennon was exceptional and a genius when it came to art, where do you excel? Maybe you think, well I want to do this but I have to do that. Why can you not do both? Every minute that you see tick by on your computer screen is another minute that you can never take back, what dream do you want to see become a reality. Stop living someone else’s dream and start living yours, because this life is what we make it and stop being like everyone else who blames their misfortunes on everyone but themselves, take action, stand up for yourself, do not take the path but blaze your own trail.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Big Island Of Hawaii Is A Must See! Go Now!

I wish I was back on the Big Island of Hawaii; it was a paradise with nice ocean breezes all day and 80 degrees both day and night all year round. Yea, you have to worry about a lava flow every once in a while but shit you have to worry about tornadoes and floods at my current home in Arkansas. Most people would rather go to Waikiki or Maui, with major cities, but I really enjoyed the rural atmosphere on the Big Island it felt like I was back home in Arkansas except it was 80 degrees in July and not 106 and the plants and flowers were so exotic and beautiful it made me feel like I was in the movie Avatar, man I wish I could live there, it was the coolest place I have ever been in my life. From the black sand beaches to swimming with giant turtles it truly seemed as if I was on another planet, which makes me appreciate the miracle of life on Earth. The Big Island is so special it has the most beautiful sand beaches ranging from light brown sand as fine a talcum powder, to coarse black sand, to even a rarer green sand beach! The island captivated me like no other place that I have ever been, the beaches were practically secluded and you had as much room as you wanted to lay out and bury yourself into the sand and just watch the ocean and all the beautiful women walk by and the birds were so rare and unique to just that island, to observe a bird that can only be found in Hawaii is something special, because Hawaii is just that special, with no snakes and predators, it is no wonder that customs is so strict and I do not blame them one bit, it is good that the state want s to preserve the natural beauty for future Americans and tourists a thousand years from now. The state parks are just awesome, throwing a Frisbee in the cool island breeze with a massive mountain, with its sharp jagged peaks is awe inspiring, the parks are just a real hotspot for tourists and locals alike , if lived there I would be on the beach or at a park everyday, who would ever want to blog or watch TV when you had the most beautiful scenery on the planet to observe mother earths matchless creations. Remember Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan? Captain Kirk’s baby mama the scientist, had created the Genesis Machine that could create life on a dead planet in just a few hours and when she showed Kirk her cave project with its lush vegetation and wildlife she says, “Can I cook or Can’t I?” That is how I feel about the Big Island of Hawaii. Also a great place to eat and drink great beer is the Big Island Brewhaus, which is the highest micro brewery above sea level in Hawaii, great salsa and beer man you will leave there with the “itus” guaranteed and if you want to eat the best sushi in your life you need to go to Roy’s, that place is the bomb, with tuna caught about 500 yards away, talk about fresh, and delicious. Man, I miss the Big Island of Hawaii!!

Neil Young Headlines Global Fest

Global Fest 2012 is going to be one of the most epic concerts of the year with headliners Neil Young, Foo Fighters and The Black Keys on September 29, and the best part about this concert which will be held at Central Park in New York City is that it is free!! You read correctly it is free, however there is a catch you have to have a ticket, no admittance without a ticket but do not worry all you have to do is join the movement and become a Global Citizen! The mission statement for Global Citizen, “Is a tool to amplify and unite a generation’s call for justice. It’s a place for you to learn, and act, to bring an end to extreme poverty.” The site goes on to state that there are 1.3 billion people who are deprived of their basic rights and opportunities which is “unjust and unacceptable.” To be eligible to go to the Neil Young concert you have to earn at least 3 points on the Global Citizen page, and once you sign up you will be able to take action and be able to earn points towards the concert in particular and other rewards as well. Earning points is as easy as watching a short video which will earn you one point, but if you are serious about going to that concert you are going to want to call your representative in Congress because that my friend will having you making it rain in points with 10 big ones! Email to ask question and learn more about this awesome opportunity. There must some big money behind this movement or Neil Young, Foo Fighters and The Black Keys are basically doing this concert for free, because the site states that they are in the beginning stages of the project, but it will soon become a world wide movement if everyone who has a computer joins as soon as they hear about it, even if they do not go to the concert, I am going to sign up and if I get those free tickets I will decline them for someone else, because I cannot get off from work right now plus, going to New York ain’t cheap, but if you live in the city you have no excuse not to go in fact if you live in Manhattan and do not sign up for the global poverty project then why are you even living in the city because I thought that paying that high rent was because you get to do cool stuff like this?

Lets Go Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are the Yankees of the NBA, who have just bought an All star team and have to be the Western Conference favorite going into the season. It appears that Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic has been traded to LA, Howard who was the franchise player of Orlando took a huge dump on all the Magic fans turning his back on the team who drafted him in similar fashion as Lebron did the Cavaliers, but will this guarantee a championship? Howard sure hopes so. The Lakers also picked up aging point guard Steve Nash. Nash who is approaching 40, is still a threat if he can stay on the court and not be laying on the sidelines with a back brace on, he has had continued health problems of late, and he has never been able to beat the Lakers, so I guess the old saying is really true, if you can’t beat’em, join’em! Kobe, the captain of the Lakers who is playing for team USA in the Olympics had this to say, “ Well, it looks like Super Man has found a home.” Kobe ,who hasn’t done particularly well with other super stars in the past, remember Shaq and his hip hop freestyle flow, “Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes.” Which is about the fall out between the two jaded super stars, well hopefully Kobe has matured and come to a realization that he is an aging star kind of like a white dwarf and right now Howard is a red giant and even though the white dwarf is still extremely powerful right up until it dies and implodes and becomes a black hole, it is time to let the young star shine and take over. With Kobe and Nash on the perimeter shooting jumpers and Howard on the inside snatching rebounds and only dunking, the Lakers will win the championship next year, you heard it here first on my blog folks, but if Howard takes those chicken wing hook shots outside the dotted line in the paint, instead of kicking it back out to Kobe, well then I don’t know if they will be able to get past the Thunder. The Lakers biggest enemy now is themselves, can they all get along? I think so, but if they do not win the championship it is time to fire their coach, and hire Magic. Andrew Bynum, who is a retard and showed his retardation in critical times in the playoffs the last two years against Dallas and the Thunder was traded to the 76ers who will eventually treat him like Kuami Brown, remember him, No, well anyway he was terrible. The Lakers also will get Chris Duhon from the Magic the aging Duke point guard . Pau Gasol also is staying put with the Lakers which is a big help, even though he cannot get rebounds he can hit jumpers and free throws and I believe he will be the X Factor for the Lakers, I wonder what Simon Powel thinks about it, but anyway the Lakers are my favorite to when the championship next year, who do you think will win?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

US Women Kick ASS

US A Women prove again that they are the greatest at soccer in the world for the third straight Olympics! Today they beat Japan 2-1 to show the planet that American women are not just beautiful but they can kick some ass! Seriously, talk about a dynasty three Olympic gold medals going all the way back to the last time the Olympics was held in the United States (Atlanta, GA). At least the women can represent America in soccer because the men are complete rubbish on the field, that is why American men had to create their own sports to be good at like American football, and baseball , because they suck that bad at soccer. It is kind of sad, however if our countries greatest athletes grew up playing soccer like the rest of the planets greatest athletes then I truly believe that the USA would have the best team hands down, however it’s the girls day today, and tonight it will be ladies night out on the town of London, I bet Hope Solo and Carli Lloyd get down tonight. Japan’s women fought really hard and god knows that the country needs a boost in morale due to the tsunami and resulting flood of last year and the heartache that it caused not just in Japan but around the world. Those women are tough and they deserve respect, and a silver medal is something to be very proud of, but they just could not hang with the speed and power combo that the US women were playing with, I mean those women could seriously beat most men in a soccer match, it would not even be close, and I am a fair athlete and I can admit that those women would beat me in most competitive competitions, some men just cannot admit that, but I know better. It seems that the majority of America had tuned in to watch the game, even President Obama who gave updates during his speech, which is hilarious, I wish I could have heard those updates, “Yes we can, kick a little Japan Ass… Again Whoooooooo! America! Whooo!” I know it was nothing like that but the President is a competitor now, remember when he dropped Clark Kellogg off from the three point line? He is just a sports fan and I can dig that. Another question arises which American team has been the best, no one will ever be able to know for sure, it is exactly like the 92 Dream Team versus Team USA today, now I am personally biased to the Barcelona USA Team, however there is no doubt that the global competition has jumped leaps and bounds in basketball, but has it in soccer? It probably has but when the US women keep winning every four years it shows that we can keep up globally in something, in soccer at least, because it definitely is not math test scores. Oh! Education Burn on Stupid Americans! PS If you love to blog and want to make 100% commissions on the products advertised, click the link and watch the videos to start blogging your way to financial freedom.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Empower Network Is Getting Too Powerful So Facebook Shuts It Down

The Empower Network groups throughout Facebook have recently been shut down or blocked because they were generating too much traffic, what does this tell you, that Empower Network has got so big so quick that the largest social media website has blocked everything that the Empower Network does, why is that? Why is it that the king of social media feels that they should silence a social epidemic? While this has happened several people still have made a $1000 dollars a day because Empower Network cannot be stopped the ball has already started to roll down hill, and the internet never sleeps and can help you generate large amounts of money so easily it is almost not fair, simply by blogging, click here to get in now for only 25 bucks! It is time to stand up against powerful conglomerates which take away the voice of a people, only because Facebook was not getting a share of the pie. This is not about a company, this is about a vision, and declaring your freedom from the world holding you back. Society wants you to struggle, society wants you to pay your dues, which is bullshit, there are millionaires being made everyday, do you really think that they all paid their dues, what does that mean exactly, that you have to struggle in order to succeed? That is what all the business owners want you to keep thinking so you will work your life away for them and make them rich while you live paycheck to paycheck barely surviving, barely holding on, it is time to take your life back and finally get paid what you deserve, do it for yourself and do it for your family. Get the blogging system now for only 25 bucks and start blogging your way to financial freedom! KG

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How Can I Make Money?

There are so many ways to make money on the internet or at a 9 to 5 more traditional job. Wouldn't you want to make money on the computer so you can do what you want in life, LEARN HOW TO SET UP YOUR LAPTOP INTO A MONEY MAKING MACHINE Wouldn't it be nice to tell your boss to fuck off, to be free from the rat race, to be able to make money while being on a permanent vacation? Many people around the world are using these proven marketing techniques which you are about to learn to generate huge amounts of money, so that they are now living their dreams not just dreaming about them. What is your story? Everybody has one, mine was I was looking on the Internet trying to find a way to make money, I was working a job that I hated and I knew that there was more out there, something else that was calling me, I knew that there was something out there that could change my life I just had to keep searching, I just had to keep pushing and I would find it. Well I believe that I have found IT and I Want you to become a part of this because, I was once you, hell I am you, and now I want you to have your own agenda, to give you a freedom model to success, and it doesn't matter how old you are, how much money daddy has, where you went to school, what color of your skin is. It is not too late to create your own life agenda, to stop living other peoples dreams and start living my own, so I started to search HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY You either are living your dreams or your living someone else's. You are either working for yourself or for someone else, wouldn't you rather be your own boss? To be able to hold your head high, and have people looking at you like, who is that person, you would be amazed how much your self esteem will rise once you start to have a successful internet business, to have a six figure business working part time, the possibilities are literally endless if you are ready to stay focused and jump on the band wagon and not jump off because this wagon is going to take you to where you want to be in life, to be able to take that vacation or go eat at that restaurant and not even look at the price. Some of you are serious and some of you are not, and sadly some of you will never reach financial freedom, but some of you will. Where do you want to be in a year, how bout 5 years, do you want to have financial freedom? The Internet never sleeps, so your business will never close, it will be open all day everyday, learn the easy, fun system that can earn you $1000 dollars a day, this is for real. How can I Make Money?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Want To Learn How To Make Jam? Alright We're Jammin!

In short if you want to find a good page where to learn how to make jam,jelly, and preserves check out this link on how to do just that my friends and Keep on Jamming In The Free World! Let me know what you think of my blogs, seriously, email me or please leave a comment below at

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gabby Douglas, The New Face Of Advertising

Gabby Douglas, the 16 year old Olympic Gold medalist is a marketers dream. Literally minutes after receiving her second gold medal for gymnastics she received an endorsement from Corn Flakes, with her picture on the box. Now when you think of athletes being on the cover of cereal boxes, normally one thinks of Wheaties, but this time Corn Flakes beat them to the punch desperately trying to market Gabby, and convince young people to start buying cereal that tastes about as good as the paper box that it comes in. I know I begged my folks to buy Wheaties when Jordan was on the box, but after half a bowl, I was like this shit is gross, but Wheaties already had their money, I was sold, which is exactly what Corn Flakes is wanting to do with Gabby, so kids will be begging their parents to buy Corn Flakes instead of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is my favorite cereal forget Corn Flakes, its bird food, you see the rooster on the box, but watch their sales go through the roof. It must feel good to be a marketing goldmine, imagine all the things you will see Gabby Douglas advertise and sponsor until the next Olympics? Get ready because you are about to see her face everywhere. You know Subway is going to want her to Eat Fresh. Neutrogena, perhaps washing her face or deodorant when her pits stink, Right Guard Olympic freshness, from candy bars to tampons she could sell them all, move over Jordan and Sheen, Gabby could be the new face of Hanes Her Way. The possibilities are literally endless, welcome to millionaires row Gabby you earned it!