Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Empower Network Is Getting Too Powerful So Facebook Shuts It Down

The Empower Network groups throughout Facebook have recently been shut down or blocked because they were generating too much traffic, what does this tell you, that Empower Network has got so big so quick that the largest social media website has blocked everything that the Empower Network does, why is that? Why is it that the king of social media feels that they should silence a social epidemic? While this has happened several people still have made a $1000 dollars a day because Empower Network cannot be stopped the ball has already started to roll down hill, and the internet never sleeps and can help you generate large amounts of money so easily it is almost not fair, simply by blogging, click here to get in now for only 25 bucks! It is time to stand up against powerful conglomerates which take away the voice of a people, only because Facebook was not getting a share of the pie. This is not about a company, this is about a vision, and declaring your freedom from the world holding you back. Society wants you to struggle, society wants you to pay your dues, which is bullshit, there are millionaires being made everyday, do you really think that they all paid their dues, what does that mean exactly, that you have to struggle in order to succeed? That is what all the business owners want you to keep thinking so you will work your life away for them and make them rich while you live paycheck to paycheck barely surviving, barely holding on, it is time to take your life back and finally get paid what you deserve, do it for yourself and do it for your family. Get the blogging system now for only 25 bucks and start blogging your way to financial freedom! KG

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