Monday, July 30, 2012

Unjust Steroid Allegations for Ye Shiwen

Are The Chinese Steroid Allegations Just? Records are meant to be broken right? However, it seems that when the favorites do not come in first place the cheering recedes and the finger pointing begins. If Phelps or some other well know superstar breaks a record everyone expects it right and do not really question it, because they were suppose to win, but when an underdog from China wins , people start yelling, “ Its gotta be the roids!” It can’t be the hard work or training. Ye Shiwen, the 16 year old swimming super-star who no one expected to win or set a record during the 400 medley has received more harsh criticism than praise and it is wrong for her to receive such criticism on the most important achievement of her life. How come she swims so fast? Maybe, it’s her freakishly large man hands that help her part the waters so swiftly or those extra two toes on her left foot, it just cannot be from hard work and perseverance, right? P.S. Share my blog if you like it and click or cut and paste on this link to educate yourself on how you can blog your way financial freedom. YOur freedom starts now,

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