Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Boxing, Where Are the Knockouts?

I love the Olympic Games and today I have been watching Boxing for the past hour and I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed. Where are the knockouts? The announcers are trying to make it exciting with statements like, “What a Jab to the Head!” But with those 40 ounce gloves and those Nerf helmets that the boxers are wearing, I seriously doubt that you will see a knockout, much less a technical knockout. I just saw the young man from Nicaragua advance in the Light Heavyweight Division and after the fight he took off his “helmet” and he did not even have a scratch on him, what the hell? The water polo girls look more beat up after a match than these Olympic boxers, seriously those women are beasts! I was like is that Peyton Hillis out there in a one piece, I mean these females could literally pummel some of these boxers, I am not kidding. That is why I want to see Mix Gender Boxing next Olympic games down South in Rio 2016, “The Cyborg” Santos would murder that poor boy from Nicaragua.

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