Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Does Jet Li Play For North Korea's Women's Soccer Team?

PUMA Ferrari Future Cat M1 ShoesNorth Korea is about to play the United States in Women's Soccer and the women just ran out onto the field and I saw a "Juwanna Man" on North Korea, what was that hanging down below her shorts; I do not think that it is chewing gum? Was that Jet Li? The match has begun and already the US is attacking North Korea, setting up a corner kick, denied by North Korea’s goalie. These women are stallions out there, and there goes Jet Li for North Korea, you can tell by the kick. I think I just saw Chris Tucker and DMX in the crowd, why would they be here at the game?? To cheer on the USA Women’s team or Jackie Chan and Jet Li… Sun Gun, the coach for North Korea is yelling something to his players out on the field, lets translate that into English real quick let’s see J-E-T—L-I. How can he be coaching and out on the field at the same time? The announcer is rubbing a chub out under the desk about Hope Solo, he just said that “Maybe, you will get the chance to see the whites of Hope Solo’s eyes.” I think he wants to see the pink of Hope Solo’s ……GOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!! PS. If you want to learn how you can blog and make some extra cash at the same time then click and follow this web address http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret.php?id=kyle_graves

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  1. Did the announcer just say that North Korea's team was struck by lightning?