Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brazilian Babes Beat German Babes in Beach Volleyball!

Brazil vs. Germany beach volleyball now these women have talent and they are good at volleyball, I mean that they are total babes! Now this is the most entertaining female sport since I witnessed Bikini Basketball on Venice Beach in LA, while I was watching the American Ninja Warrior Trials last July. It is not that I am a male pig, but I love women, beaches, bikinis and volleyball and when you combine all of these elements, magic happens. Germany just won the second set after Brazil had 9 chances to win the match, talk about a comeback get ready for the third set it. Goller / Ludwig are so good at staying low and digging down deep. My brother just brought up a good comment about the giant blue streaks on Ludwig’s stomach, “Did Poppa Smurf bust a load on her stomach and ruin her for other smurfs?” “ What is this Brave heart on her stomach?” “Is she carrying poppa Smurfs baby, is this going to be Prometheus 2 : Smurfopolus?” Talita/ Maria for Brazil are beasts I bet they could pone many of the male boxers fighting right now in the Olympics. These two Brazilian babes look like they have been training with The Cyborg Santos out in the Amazon rainforests somewhere with Stephen Sagall and The Spider. Brazil just had their first match point in the third but Goller from Germany put a stop to it. Maria on the next German serve put a finesse touch on to her spike right over the head of Goller and Brazil just beat Germany 2 sets to 1. I don’t know about y’all but I will be tuning in to watch as much Women’s Volleyball both beach and on the court as I can and I highly recommend that you do as well! Until next blog post. PS. If you want to blog your way to financial freedom highlight this link and paste it into your browser and educate yourself. Just do it, Jump in! http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret.php?id=kyle_graves

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